Conversion tool


This is a SRT to XML conversion tool for Video Players that support XML captions (subtitles) like the JW Player and the Stream Video Player for Wordpress.

The “No format” option dismisses the use of break lines and tabs for formatting

The “No CDDATA” removes the <![CDATA[]]> tag that it is supposed to stand for Character Data and it means that the data in between these tags includes data that could be interpreted as XML markup, but should not be, it’s recommended when you have some HTML or XHTML inside the subtitles and the availability to disable this option it’s on the idea of reduce the XML file size, use it carefully.

The “Not to download” option show you the XML file on the browsers instead of forcing the download, be careful, many web browsers change the look of the XML file and it may look like it’s formatted and colored.

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This handy tool is brought to you by Rodrigo Polo – Nice looking HTML thanks to Bootstrap.